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Bathroom Remodeling in Richmond, VA

For expert HVAC and construction services, you can count on Taylor Construction Services Heating & Air Conditioning. We provide personalized, high-quality bathroom remodeling services to residents in Richmond, Midlothian, and the surrounding communities in Virginia. At Taylor Construction Services Heating & Air Conditioning, our motto is “One Call Does It All.”

Not all bathrooms are beautiful or even functional. Fortunately, you’re not stuck with the bathroom that came with the house. Bathroom remodeling is an excellent project which will help you enhance the look of your bathrooms as well as improve functionality. Taylor Construction Services Heating & Air Conditioning provides quality bathroom remodeling services to help you make the improvements you desire.

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Bathroom Remodel Richmond, VA

Bathroom Remodeling: Beneficial updates

Remodeling a bathroom has multiple benefits. It can change the look and feel of your home; outdated fixtures and color schemes can really stick out. Bathroom remodeling can change the appearance of your space and make it more personalized. Some bathrooms are small and not easy to use; bathroom remodeling can help you improve the functioning of the space, making it easier to enjoy. Improving your bathroom spaces is also a good investment which can improve the value of your home.

bathroom_2015Bathroom Remodeling: Common bathroom remodeling options

When remodeling your bathroom, there are many options available to help you create the space you want. Some common remodeling options for bathrooms include the following:

  • Shower additions
  • Tub additions
  • Double sinks
  • Enhanced storage space
  • Upgraded plumbing fixtures
  • Flooring and tile replacement

How Much Does Bathroom Remodeling Cost in Richmond?

Bathroom remodeling projects are different in each home. The final price can be affected by a number of factors, including the materials chosen and the extent of work needed. To learn how much your bathroom remodeling project will cost, contact Taylor Construction Services Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule a free estimate. Also, check out our financing page to see what payment options are available.

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As a local family-owned business for over 25 years, Taylor Construction Services Heating & Air Conditioning has earned a premier reputation by putting the customer’s needs first. Our goal is to provide homeowners and businesses with the finest heating and cooling systems available at a reasonable cost. For reliable, courteous service in Richmond, Midlothian, and the surrounding communities in Virginia, call our office today to schedule a consultation. We’re here to serve you!